The World’s Finest Bed For The World’s Finest Hotel

Savoir Beds began its roots in one of the world’s most iconic and legendary hotel – The Savoy in London. The hotel engaged the prestigious upholsterer James Edwards Ltd to specially commission to create The Savoy Bed. This luxurious model, slumbered by the rich and famous down the decades, from Winston Churchill, Charlie Chapin, Marilyn Monroe and countless celebrities and royalties, is still made today as the Savoir Beds Nº2. To ensure exclusivity, the Savoy Group bought the bedworks in the 1930s. It did not change hands again until 1997, when Savoir Beds was born, preserving the company’s extraordinary heritage and skills for future connoisseurs of comfort. Savoir Beds core models numbered 1 to 4 vary according to the hours of work and materials involved. All are entirely handmade to client’s specification. Nº1 and Nº2 are all handmade from start to finish by a single master craftsman and will sign his name of each bed when he is completely satisfied it is perfect.

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Nº 1 

If every Savoir creation is a work of art, our Nº1 bed is nothing short of a masterpiece. Our No1 bed is a celebration of unashamed no-holds-barred luxury.

Nº 2 

First made in 1905, the Savoir Nº2 is the original, iconic Savoy bed. Its comfort and durability is legendary, whilst its styling options are infinite.

Nº 3 

Undeniably luxurious, the Savoir Nº3 bed offers exceptional support and comfort.

Nº 4 

Originally created for top hotels, the Savoir Nº4 bed promises a five-star experience in your own home. After all, it was for precisely such establishments that this bed was designed.



Lengths of hand-tied cane give our Nº1 box spring the finest sprung edge possible. Cane has natural give and is very durable; unlike metal, it doesn‘t kink or distort. It takes skilled hands to manipulate it and tie it securely in place.


Combed from the neck of Mongolian goats, this rare and most luxurious of wools – prized for its warmth and ultra-fine, downy fibres – is used in our sumptuous HCa topper. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t blend our cashmere with cheaper fibres or bury it so far down you can’t feel it. We place it under a specially developed, naturally stretchy cotton fabric to ensure you benefit from its exquisite softness.


We use naturally soft and fluffy cotton fibre to act as an insulating layer around the pocket-spring unit in the mattresses. We combine it with wool and maize fibres to make it naturally fire-retardant (all our fillings are chemical-free).


Horsetail Hair – as opposed to horse hair, cattle tail or other cheaper alternatives – is the undisputed king of upholstery hair, and we are the only bed company to use it so extensively. Each long strand holds many curls, resulting in a micro-spring of unparalleled bounce and longevity. Millions of these springs go into just one bed, hand-teased onto the mattress, topper or box spring for that fabulous Savoir feel. Naturally hollow like wool, horse tail wicks away moisture and helps regulate your temperature for a supremely comfortable night’s sleep.


This is a very strong, flax-based cord with a waxed finish. At Savoir we use it to hand-tie eight ways the hourglass springs in our Nº1, Nº2 and Nº3 box springs. An old form of cord, it is similar to the exceptionally durable long-bow string used by archers.


Wool provides the cushioning in the mattress, so typically we use large quantities of it. At Savoir we use pure, soft lambswool to ensure the most sumptuous sleep experience. Wool has many advantages over man-made products: perhaps the most important is that it allows the mattress to ‘breathe‘ by wicking away moisture, thereby helping the sleeper to maintain an optimal, even temperature throughout the night.


Premium-quality timber plays an important role in the construction of our bases and headboards. We select only FSC high-grade, knot-free pine, beech and – for drawers – oak. All our frames are expertly constructed with traditionally crafted joints to provide at least 25 years of support.