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Geneva 4 Seasons Duvet

The four seasons duvet can be changed to suit an individual’s warmth requirements at any time of year. 

It is made of two separate duvets which can easily be separated and joined. The summer duvet is made up of small quilted caros, wonderfully light and airy. It provides the perfect solution for summer nights. The spring/autumn duvet is divided into cassettes using sewn-in baffles; has more down filling and is corres-pondingly warmer. The duvets are filled with particularly high-quality down – a wonderful snuggle down feeling. The weave and the finish of this high quality Batiste guarantee particularly efficient moisture transport and the best air circulation.


The light duvet for the summer with small quilted caros. The somewhat warmer cassette duvet for the spring and autumn with sewn-in baffles.

Warmth: 1 + 3 = 5

Washing instructions:

-Wash at or below 60 °C, treated with caution and care

-Do not bleach -Tumble drying (low temperature)

-Do not iron -Professional gentle wet cleaning

Product Details

Fabric Cover - 100% Cotton, Finest Swiss Batiste; Filling - 100% Pure, New Goose Down, Extra large cluster European top quality. Class I (European norm). 100%純棉高級瑞士面料; 100%歐洲頂級鵝羽絨填充。
Origin Switzerland 瑞士
Bed Linen Type Duvet 羽絨被
Size(cm) 155 x 220 (260g+6oog);200 x 220 (340g+790g);240 x 220 (410g+940g);260 x 240 (480g+1110g)
Color White 白色