Sleep In Perfect Luxury For Sensual Dreams.

Dauny produces high quality bedding since 1921. To attain their idea of the perfect night’s sleep, Dauny creates brand articles of the highest quality, both in terms of materials and the environmentally responsible manufacturing processes they employ. They manufactures according to the best Swiss quality standards. Only extra-large cluster European goose down is used to prduce the most comfortable warm and soft duvets and pillows. Excellent quality, high innovative power and high-tech functionality are Dauny’s promises for a deep and restful night’s sleep. Because: Those who sleep well enjoy life. Sleep is the place where we shed all our burdens. A good mattress forms the basis for a good night’s sleep and a Duny duvet is the crowning glory – as light as a kiss and infinitely soft. Let’s celebrate 30 years Dauny with us.