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Savoir Beds in Hong Kong - Discover Exclusive British Handmade Mattress

Premium Beds in Hong Kong: Savoir Beds

Noblesse Lifestyle in Hong Kong provides the most impeccable luxury products when it comes to beddings in Hong Kong. We specialize in providing high-quality products from all over Europe such as Vispring Beds, Savoir Beds, Dauny downs and Quagliotti Sheets in our online store. This article focuses on providing important and essential information about one of our brands: Savoir Beds.

Our Savoir Bed Models

Only completed by the same bedmaker from the beginning to the end, Nº1 and Nº2 are the most delicate mattresses among the four basic bed models from Nº1 to Nº4. The beds will be signed off by the bedmaker once it is completed, just to ensure that the mattress is perfect.

The Pinnacle of over a century of bed-making expertise, requiring at least 120 hours of handcrafting, the SAVOIR Nº1 is the ultimate in luxury. Featuring taller springs and lavish layers of premium natural fillings, it combines perfectly zoned support with ultimate softness, and is completely tailored to you and your body.

Commissioned for the Savoy Hotel in 1905, slept on by such luminaries as Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini and Marilyn Monroe, and handcrafted in London to this day. The Savoir Nº2 is a masterclass in craftsmanship, comfort and style.

Nearly two weeks of skilled handcrafting and acres of the finest natural materials make the soft and sumptuous SAVOIR Nº3 bed. Each one is carefully made to order using the traditional craftsmanship and materials for which they are famous. The ideal durable, supportive and comfortable foundation for sleep.

A masterpiece of durability and comfort, the SAVOIR Nº4 was created according to the demand from some of the world's best hotels. Each bed is handcrafted to your needs and desires.

Get your Savoir Beds in Hong Kong today at Noblesse Lifestyle

Noblesse Lifestyle in Hong Kong offers you the most impeccable Premium Beds, High Quality Mattresses and Custom Beds on the whole Hong Kong Island! Our Savoir Beds are of the highest quality and one of our many luxury bedding products, which we offer in our Online Store. Our mission is to provide our customers healthful, natural and handcrafted bedding products in order to guarantee a high quality life and sleep!

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