A Fashion Icon’s Signature Hidden Amongst A Field Of Lilies

International fashion icon and British textile designer, Dame Zandra Rhodes, delves into her archives to reimagine an original and recognisable print exclusively for SAVOIR BEDS. Taken from her original ‘Fields of Lilies’ drawings sketched in 1971, Zandra reimagined the iconic motif, the new LILIES design combines one of the most important elements of the home, the bed, with Zandra’s love of art to create a functional work of art! Zandra has developed 6 initial colourways which are avaliable in velvet and linen.

In signature maximalist style, the elegant arc of lilies brings an iconic expression of peace and romance to handcrafted sleep. “Being in a Savoir bed is more than an ordinary experience! It is an out of this world experience!” said Zandra Rhodes. After working together on a small project at the end of 2019, Zandra fell in love with SAVOIR’s approach to crafting the world’s most extraordinary beds. It was following this project and the creative synergy between the two iconic British brands that the collaboration began. “I love what Savoir stands for, craftsmanship and luxury. We started talking and we realised we had synergy in so many areas of our design processes – a significant one of these is us both being British Heritage brands!”

Dame Zandra Rhodes has dressed some of the world’s most stylish, from Diana, Princess of Wales and Twiggy to Freddie Mercury and Sarah Jessica Parker. Named Designer of the Year in 1972, recognised for her original use of textiles, Zandra Rhodes revolutionised garment shapes. From sketchbook to runway, ‘Field of Lilies’ is one of Rhodes’ most significant and recognisable prints. Incorporating her textile prints to create fantastical silhouettes. Her signature aesthetic is undeniably unique and continues to stand the test of time.



Happy Lunar New Year!

KUNG HEY FAT CHOY! Noblesse Lifestyle Group wishes you a Happy New Year of the Ox! Red colour represents passion and festive. Can this Terracotta Luxe Velvet represent your mood? Rich in colour and in comfort, Terracotta Luxe Velvet will add a much needed pop of colour to brighten your 2021. This new fabric is part of VISPRING Timeless Collection III and is now available to order.

Each Signatory mattress takes one craftsperson up to eight hours to side-stitch a mattress by hand. The vents running along the side of our mattresses ensure fresh airflow and allow moisture to escape. It’s the healthiest way to sleep. Beautiful bold colour, lovely set of pins – what more could you ask for in your home? Inject some brightness into your bedroom with VISPRING’s 2021 new collection of fabrics, Terracotta Luxe Velvet.

Rosewood x Vispring Mattress 1


To Redefine Perfect Night’s Sleep In The City’s Spiritual Oasis

VISPRING, a bed brand with a century-old history, loved by British Royalty members, head of states and A-list Hollywood celebrities, will partner up with the hottest hotel in town, ROSEWOOD HONG KONG from Dec onwards, to present a truly spiritual experience for those looking to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The star of the package will be the VISPRING’s Regal Superb mattress valued at more than HK$100,000 in the Manor Suite, the most iconic signature suite of ROSEWOOD HONG KONG. Together with other exclusive amenities that are designed to soothe the mind and soul, guests are guaranteed to experience unparalleled comfort by joining this amazing journey.    

The Manor Suite enjoys magnificent harbour views. Lying on the VISPRING mattress, known as the ‘Rolls Royce of beds’, while looking at the perfect Victoria Harbour view from a top-down perspective, will definitely give you the feeling of being the king of the world. Every VISPRING mattress is handcrafted in Britain by master bed makers and they are all filled, finished and stitched by hand. In addition to the extraordinary craftsmanship, VISPRING only uses the finest and most sustainable natural materials such as fine horsehair, British fleece wool, real Shetland wool and cotton to deep-fill the mattress. Coupled with high-grade individual pocketed springs that were pioneered and used since VISPRING was formed back in 1901, an exquisite balance of softness and support can be expected. In 2012, VISPRING LUXURY BEDS were awarded the esteemed Queen’s Award for Excellence by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, becoming a Britain national treasure brand. It is no wonder that VISPRING enjoys a loyal following from the high society from all over the world, even Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and David Beckham are also its fans. 

Apart from the bed, countless surprises and “WOW-feeling” can also be found in every corner of the Manor Suite, which is close to 1,900 FT², the best place for guests to have selfie and check-in. When they open the door, they can see the meticulously crafted interior space and all kinds of beautiful art pieces, just like being in a European art gallery. The amazing marble bathroom is equipped with a stunning bathtub allowing the guests to enjoy a nice hot bath and some champagne at the same time, it is definitely a great joy in life; and the roomy walk-in closet will surely make ladies indulge in pleasure. 

The theme of this package is perfect night’s sleep; thus, numerous exclusive amenities and services have been thoughtfully arranged for guests to completely relax and fall into a deep slumber with ease.

Guests can access complimentary wellness classes in Asaya to help them relax their mind and body for achieving deep sleep; the bedroom is specially equipped with an aroma diffuser and a lavender-flavoured pillow spray, the spiritous scent diffusing into the room everywhere is so fascinating. You should be familiar with the dazzling chocolate window in the Butterfly Patisserie of ROSEWOOD HONG KONG. According to research, the right amount of chocolate can help to maintain high-quality sleep, hence turndown chocolates from Butterfly Patisserie have been considerately provided. Together with a cup of sleep-well herbal tea, the sweetest dream you have never had! Putting on the Silentmode intelligent eye mask and lying on the VISPRING bed, when high technology meets the legend, and coupled with a whole day of spiritual massages, it will surely let you fall into a sweet sleep in this spiritual oasis.

Guests staying in the Manor Suite can also enjoy an exclusive discount to purchase VISPRING LUXURY BEDS and other bedding products. Booking and staying period available from now until 8 May 2021.

Enquiry or Reservation: please contact ROSEWOOD HONG KONG at (852) 3891 8888 or please visit


SAVOIR Beds – A Life Unhurried

A Life Unhurried With Royal Ballet Dancers Steven McRae & Elizabeth Harrod

We spend a third of our lives in bed. It’s where we sleep every day. It’s also where we relax, wind down and spend time with our loved ones – whether it’s quiet reading time or Sunday mornings with the kids, how we spend our downtime is entirely individual. Our bed is our little piece of sanctuary, away from the stresses of the modern world. If we get it right, a bed will not only last for many years to come, it also has the power to transform how we sleep and impact our physical and mental well-being.

This autumn, Savoir has launched a new advertising campaign called ‘A Life Unhurried’. Celebrating the simple pleasure of being in bed, it features recognisable faces engaged in a variety of ‘switch off’ activities.

The couple selected for the new campaign are world-class ballet dancers from The Royal Ballet in London. Principal dancer, Steven McRae and soloist, Elizabeth Harrod are a real couple with successful careers and a young family. They value their sleep and downtime, which often doesn’t come until the end of a busy day. Shown in a Savoir bed wearing evening dress, it’s as if they have just come back from a late performance – a natural captured moment of the couple enjoying breakfast in bed.

As professional ballet dancers, the physical nature of what they do means well-being is a high priority. Sleep is an essential part of their mental and physical recovery. Its importance lies in its ability to improve performance during the day by assisting with memory consolidation and motor-sequencing, which occurs during sleep. This is necessary for dancers when learning new choreography or technique. It also has a marked impact of physical well-being, enabling muscles to rest and repair. Dancers often have classes and rehearsals on back to back days. With dancers needing to be at their peak before a performance, ensuring that appropriate recovery – and most notably sleep – is imperative for success on stage.

The couple were photographed in The Royal Suite at The Savoy Hotel in London. With Savoir’s heritage rooted in The Savoy and the couple enjoying their honeymoon at this iconic location, it was a natural choice. Savoir has once again returned to where it all began.

The bed featured in the photograph is called The Lenoir. Named after Richard D’Oyly Carte’s second wife, Helen Lenoir. D’Oyly Carte was the visionary behind the Savoy Hotel in 1889 and commissioned the first Savoir bed.


VISPRING Unveils New Limited-Edition Caroline Bed

A New Creation by Vispring – Caroline

Luxury British bed brand, Vispring has launched a brand-new limited-edition bed bundle called Caroline which will be available exclusively at Harrods and includes a mattress, divan, headboard and legs. The bed combines the tradition and comfort of a Vispring bed, with contemporary design and the exclusive Italian matte anthracite-finished legs give the impression of a floating bed.

The bed is handmade in the United Kingdom using some incredible natural materials, like silky bamboo, fleecy alpaca and TENCEL™– a super-soft fibre that’s made from the pulp of sustainably grown trees. It also features high-quality Belgian ticking and hand-tufted felt. As with all Vispring mattresses, Caroline features hand-nested calico pocket springs and four tension options; soft, medium, firm and extra-firm.

A shallow divan and contemporary Italian-designed metal leg, give Caroline a floating appearance and elegant low profile while the bed is finished with a brand-new headboard, which features plush removable pillows, attached to the bed with sleek leather straps.



Noblesse Lifestyle is proud to present Vispring’s new brand – J. Marshall by Vispring

At the turn of the 20th century, an English engineer called James Marshall offered his wife the most precious gift of all – a perfect night’s sleep. His mattress’s pioneering use of individually pocketed steel springs ushered in unparalleled levels of comfort, establishing Vispring a byword for luxury. This year, J.Marshall by Vispring is launched to celebrate this heritage and bring the benefit of a perfect night sleep to a wider customer base, combining traditional methods and new techniques to create a gateway into the Vispring brand. 

It is a new contemporary lifestyle brand that harness Vispring’s meticulous attention to detail and craft. J. Marshall by Vispring is pocket-sprung comfort made simple. The four modern mattress designs are filled with the finest natural materials and over 100 years of bed-making expertise. Definitely provide you with head-to-toe comfort and a great night’s sleep.



Sleep In Perfect Luxury For Sensual Dreams.

Dauny produces high quality bedding since 1921. To attain their idea of the perfect night’s sleep, Dauny creates brand articles of the highest quality, both in terms of materials and the environmentally responsible manufacturing processes they employ. They manufactures according to the best Swiss quality standards. Only extra-large cluster European goose down is used to prduce the most comfortable warm and soft duvets and pillows. Excellent quality, high innovative power and high-tech functionality are Dauny’s promises for a deep and restful night’s sleep. Because: Those who sleep well enjoy life. Sleep is the place where we shed all our burdens. A good mattress forms the basis for a good night’s sleep and a Duny duvet is the crowning glory – as light as a kiss and infinitely soft. Let’s celebrate 30 years Dauny with us.


SAVOIR Beds – Discover Exclusive British Handmade Mattresses

Premium Beds in Hong Kong: Savoir Beds

Noblesse Lifestyle in Hong Kong provides the most impeccable luxury products when it comes to beddings in Hong Kong. We specialize in providing high-quality products from all over Europe such as Vispring Beds, Savoir Beds, Dauny downs and Quagliotti Sheets in our online store. This article focuses on providing important and essential information about one of our brands: Savoir Beds.

Our Savoir Bed Models Only completed by the same bedmaker from the beginning to the end, Nº1 and Nº2 are the most delicate mattresses among the four basic bed models from Nº1 to Nº4. The beds will be signed off by the bedmaker once it is completed, just to ensure that the mattress is perfect. The Pinnacle of over a century of bed-making expertise, requiring at least 120 hours of handcrafting, the SAVOIR Nº1 is the ultimate in luxury. Featuring taller springs and lavish layers of premium natural fillings, it combines perfectly zoned support with ultimate softness, and is completely tailored to you and your body. Commissioned for the Savoy Hotel in 1905, slept on by such luminaries as Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini and Marilyn Monroe, and handcrafted in London to this day. The Savoir Nº2 is a masterclass in craftsmanship, comfort and style.

Nearly two weeks of skilled handcrafting and acres of the finest natural materials make the soft and sumptuous SAVOIR Nº3 bed. Each one is carefully made to order using the traditional craftsmanship and materials for which they are famous. The ideal durable, supportive and comfortable foundation for sleep. 

A masterpiece of durability and comfort, the SAVOIR Nº4 was created according to the demand from some of the world’s best hotels. Each bed is handcrafted to your needs and desires.

Get your Savoir Beds in Hong Kong today at Noblesse Lifestyle.

Noblesse Lifestyle in Hong Kong offers you the most impeccable Premium Beds, High Quality Mattresses and Custom Beds on the whole Hong Kong Island!  Our Savoir Beds are of the highest quality and one of our many luxury bedding products, which we offer in our Online Store. Our mission is to provide our customers healthful, natural and handcrafted bedding products in order to guarantee a high quality life and sleep!


SAVOIR Enters Lane Crawford

Century Old British Handcraft Bed Label SAVOIR Enters Lane Crawford 

Enjoy a Pure Sleep Time On the England Cultural Heritage Made With The Most Natural Gentle Materials

15 MAY 2020 – SAVOIR, a bed brand with a century-old history, loved by celebrities and even European royal nobilities from all over the world has carried forward its British up class sleeping experience to the local gentry since landing in Hong Kong in 2015. This England brand has recently made a new move, this spring and summer, SAVOIR beds and mattress series will be stationed in three Lane Crawford department stores, including the Pacific Place Home Store, ifc mall and Times Square branches.

Since 1905, SAVOIR has provided the best night sleep for countless historical celebrities, including Sir Winston Churchill, Italian opera master Giacomo Puccini, Hollywood movie icon Marilyn Monroe, British comedian Charlie Chaplin and so on. The story of Savoir began more than a century ago, famous theatre producer Richard D’Oyly Carte opened the most forward-looking hotel in London at that time -The Savoy Hotel. Savoy Hotel was equipped with the most advanced facilities, every aristocrat in town, including members of the royal family, would hope to lay their head to experience the charm of the hotel. Guests were marvelled at the en suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water, the electric lighting and the “luxurious ascending rooms” – now more commonly known as lifts. And the famous Savoir’s Nº 2 classic bed was specially commissioned for the Savoy hotel.

SAVOIR has always been known for its high-quality European traditional craftsmanship. The brand is meticulous in the selection of materials and every bed is constructed by experienced artisans, each bed is a masterpiece that is carefully treated and carved like an artwork.

In addition to maintaining the traditional craftsmanship, SAVOIR spares no efforts to promote creative arts by co-operating with different artists from over the world from time-to-time. Good news to the Hong Kong shopper, some of the designer beds will be featured in Lane Crawford soon. Designed by Award-winning interior designer Nicole Fuller, STELLA bed eloquently combines geometric pattern with sumptuous teddy mohair, exuding a faint feminine charm; VIRGINIA bed designed by European designer Virginia White is most suitable for minimalistic style homes. Sharp contour with clean straight lines delivers a contemporary yet elegant mood, the slim bed frame will not occupy too much space in the bedroom, which makes it ideal for many types of home in Hong Kong; engaging with Nordic-style minimalism, IAN by Savoir Beds captures an effortlessly clean design with neat lines and modern proportions. Designed by Christophe Delcourt, a French furniture manufacturer with a modernist edge, this bed’s simple, slender presence only enhances its comfortable, welcoming feel.

Other than the fascinating bed design, the handmade box spring mattress and bed frame are the true soul of SAVOIR. Only completed by the same bedmaker from the beginning to the end, Nº1 and Nº2 are the most delicate beds among the four basic bed models from Nº1 to Nº4. The bed will be signed off by the bedmaker once it is completed, just to ensure that the mattress is perfect. Unlike the mechanized bed-making factories, SAVOIR’s workshop in London does not have any heavy mechanical sounds, but only soft music and light breathing sound from the skilled artisans in order to implant the most pleasant energy into the product, so that all users can enjoy a good night sleep brought by SAVOIR in the calmest state of mind.

High-quality materials are the basics to ultimate comfort. SAVOIR beds are plump with layer upon layer of the very finest natural materials such as hand laid horsetail, cotton and lambs wool encase tall contour-hugging pocket springs. Coiled into millions of tiny curls, horsetail is the ultimate natural spring for mattress. It cushions and supports every contour of the body whilst you sleep. Like wool it is naturally hollow, helping to wick away moisture and regulate temperature. The seven and a half turn pocket springs are home-made at SAVOIR bedworks to different tensions. Each one is encased in soft calico, covered with a jute fabric before generous quantities of premium horsetail and a layer of cotton is added, so that the springs are closely connected to each other but also be able to move independently. SAVOIR follows the old-fashioned sawing technique of hand slipping, using a semi-circular needle to hand stitch the mattress closed, to ensure that each bed can hold more filler. The hardwood beech frame for the Nº1 is tailor-made for a specific client. Measured, cut and sanded to perfection, showcasing the grain of the wood and the beautifully hand-cut dovetail joints. Take Nº1 as an example, from the beginning to complete, it takes at least 120 hours of production time, sleeping on such a sculpted bed is simply the ultimate luxury enjoyment.

From soft to double extra firm, there are five tension options for users to choose from and both sides of the double bed can also be composed by distinctive hardness, to meet various needs of different households. It is worth mentioning that the SAVOIR bespoke service allows shopper to adjust the bed design, colour, materials and fabric used according to their home style to create a bed which suits them the best.


Lane Crawford – Pacific Place Home Store
Level One, 88 Queensway, Admiralty

Lane Crawford – ifc Mall
Podium 3, 8 Finance Street, Central

 Lane Crawford –  Times Square
1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

Savoir Beds & Luxury Bed Studio
Shop 2, G/F, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau

Vispring Luxury Beds
51C, Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley